Our Company

Free Life Apps is a boutique app development and marketing company with offices and development teams in several countries over the world. You can find us in US, UK, Russia, India, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia.

Our approach is personal, yet we cater to tens and hundreds of thousands of users of our software.

Soon our apps will be enjoyed by millions! Many of our ideas are revolutionary and ground-breaking.

We Connect You To Your Customers Worldwide! Think about it… that’s our mission when we do work for you – our clients, companies big and small. Contact us now to discuss your needs!

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Create App

Build apps to make money or to strengthen your brand! App development is our specialty and we develop apps for iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices, Android OS, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, Symbian OS, WebOS as well as for Facebook and Twitter.

All the features supported by particular platform can be used in your app. Your app can use accelerometer, compass, camera, geolocation, notifications. Imagine also having access to contacts, media, network, and using local storage or web services. If the device itself and OS allows something to be done – we can get it done!

If you are interested in having a team of experienced app developers work for you – contact us today.

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Market App

Marketing apps is even more important than having an awesome app. Even the best app will become a failure unless it gains momentum on the market and attracts lots of targeted customers quickly. It’s a crucial step to any app success and we can help to promote your app.

If you are interested in marketing your own apptalk to us, we try to work with all budgets.

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We build revolutionary simple apps making world a better place one user at a time Read More

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